Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture organizes annual conferences for the worldwide graduate students, who study or are interested in Said Nursi and his magnum opus, Risale-i Nur (Epistles of Light). Students who work on other research topics in relation with the thought and teachings of Nursi are also welcomed. The conference aims to become a medium for collaboration and exchanges of ideas among students and scholars. Comparative studies between Nursi and other thinkers, Muslims and Non-Muslims are strongly encouraged. 

Prominent scholars in Nursi studies such as Syed Farid Alatas (National University of Singapore), M. Sait Ozervarli (Yıldız Technical University), Bilal Kuşpınar (Necmeddin Erbakan University), Ian Markham (Virginia Theological Seminary), Colin Turner (Durham University) and Ahmet Yıldız (GNAT Research Center) will chair and comment on sessions.

The conference will last for three days and will have two sessions every day. In each session four graduates will present papers and it will be given enough time for discussions. An approximate number of twenty participants will be selected by a committee of the conference. Applicants need to specify one of the panels below for their paper submissions:

1. Faith and Religious Beliefs in Contemporary Perspectives

2. Ethics, Morality and Spirituality

3. Living in Harmony with Beliefs

4. Social Solidarity and Co-existence

5. Reviving Religious Knowledge in Modern Times

6. Growing Problems and Crises against Humanity and the World

Papers on topics not listed above but they are related to Nursi Studies will be considered. The conference language is fully in English for presentations and discussions.

Funding is available for participants to help supplement travel and accommodation expenses. There will also be programs of social events like welcoming reception, dinners, and tours.

Applications are now open via online submissions in the website ( until the April 1, 2014. The results of applications will be notified by May 10, 2014.

For further questions and inquiries contact Hakan Gülerce: