Kashmir, a hilly area bordered by India, Pakistan and China and located on the valley of Himalaya,  is known by its famous fabric which is produced there and named within the region.  When Kashmir has gained independence from Britain in 1947, the majority of the population was Muslim. Srinagar, the southern part of the region was controlled by India and it is called Jammu and Kashmir State. The Northern part of Kashmir has become under Pakistan’s government. Pakistan administered a zone called ‘Azadi Kashmir.  In 1960, the eastern part was occupied by the People’s Republic of China and it is still under its control.

Plenty of running waters, hydro power plants, forest areas and clean weathers show that Kashmir is simply a corner of paradise.  A vast majority of the population is Muslim, so, one may say that the Islamic life is felt in a very clear way. In Kashmir (Srinagar) where there are a lots of minarets, mosques, and hearing a voice from anywhere in the morning shown the Qadiri dhikr and worships … etc, A Risale-i Nur international workshop was hosted between 21st to 22nd August 2014.

The Two-day International Workshop on Nursi Studies were held in Kashmir, 21stst


In every session there was a lead paper by a Nursi expert scholar. Including a lead paper, five papers have been presented for each session. The main papers respectively are: Prof. Yunus Cengel; Nursi’s Depiction of Scientific Knowledge as Knowledge of God, Prof. IhsanColak; Re-conceptualizing Religious Reasoning in the Modern World. Prof. Necati Aydın; Tawhidi Paradigm in the Light of Risale-i Nur.

In valedictory session, each scholar gave a talk regarding future projects on Nursi Studies. Further, for the future of Nursi Studies Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture and the Islamic University of Science and Technology. It has also been published on local newspaper. The programme has ended up with distribution of certificates by professors to the presenters as well as volunteers.

toplu dergi kashmir

After the conference, the Turkish delegates came to the city of New Delhi in order to attend various meetings in universities. They first visited the residence Vice-Chancellor Prof. S. K. Sopory.  During this visit, previous activities have been mentioned and been talked on the future of Nursi studies conferences in India.


Before going Kashmir Turkish delgates have visited Dean Prof. Mohd. Aslam Islahi and head of depertment of arabic and African studies Prof. Mujeebur Rahman. Many topics were mentioned in this meeting such as future of nursi studies, conferences, panels, Ph.D and master thesis and organizations between Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture and Department of Arabic studies.


Then, ex-director of Zakir Hussain Islamic Studies Prof. Akhtarul Wasey, head of department of Islamic Studies Prof. Iqtidar Khan and with other faculty members was visited at Jamia Millia Islamia. They made ​​a nice surprise that special journal issue was made on Said Nursi by the University.

JMI urduca     


In addition, traditional symposium for the future of Nursi studies in India was discussed.  The main idea was that in New Delhi and Kolkata two different symposiums would be organized in Feb 2015.